Book Review- ‘Requiem for the Rooster’ by Mark Howen

What does it take to speak truth to power in a corrupt society? What role does our family play in shaping us as citizens? How important is it to self-introspect and examine our life choices for the collective good? Mark Howen’s Requiem for the Rooster is a suspenseful thriller that dwells deeply into these serious … Read more

Weightless, Woven Words by Umar Siddiqui – Book Review

Life is nothing but an emotional roller coaster journey. This journey is designed by the Almighty in a magical way that human beings weave in their own way and perceive it according to their own terms and understanding. The writer of the book, Mr. Umar Siddiqui has very beautifully penned this wonderful journey called life … Read more

An Enemy Like Me by Teri Brown – Book review

Teri Brown’s historical novel, ‘An Enemy Like Me’ focuses on the life of a soldier named Jacob Miller in World War II. Teri Brown overturns the popular idea of a glorious war hero by showing the daily life of Jacob Miller before the war. The ordinary human conflicts of the American soldiers outside the battlefield … Read more

How to Become Indie Author and Publish Books

How to Publish Your Book Independently: The 21st century is marked by remarkable technological advances, and this makes it an ideal century for authors to deviate from traditional authoring and go indie. With every kind of technology readily available at your fingertips, you can publish your books within 24 hours. Also, self-publishing comes with a … Read more

Who are Indie authors? Famous Independent Authors Books

Indeed, Indie-New future of the publishing industry-the independent authors Who are Indie authors? The phrase “indie authors” or “independent authors” refers to the process of an author choosing to self-publish their book, frequently paying to have it published, as opposed to being bound to a “conventional” or “mainstream” publishing arrangement, where the publishing house assumes … Read more

Interview with Cancer Fighting Poet: Jasmine Langdon

1. If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? If only given three words I would say I’m determined, forgiving and optimistic. 2. The title “poems for hope” is the need of the hour. Why do you think that the title must include the word “hope”? How do you define … Read more