What is our IndieAuthors.com about?

OurIndieAuthors.com was launched with the sole purpose of opening up new opportunities for learning enthusiasts, particularly aspiring authors who want to reach a larger audience. To be clear, though, both general authors and independent authors can use these services.

As the name suggests, the reason we give independent authors or as some prefer to call themselves ‘indie authors’ more emphasis is that they are the authors that work to market and promote their books on their own. The distinction between general and independent authors, however, is not always clear-cut because it depends on how each author defines the term. But on a broader basis, unlike general authors, who have their works accepted by conventional publishing houses, independent authors often self-publish their works.

Nonetheless, a lot of indie authors are also featured in publications from major publishing houses.

However, the majority of them are authors who choose to self-publish their works.

Additionally, Indie authors usually help themselves out by writing, editing, publishing, and promoting their works on their own, independent of any publishing house.

We as a team intend to help such little-known independent authors who we think are valuable contributors to our society. The days when self-published authors were associated with being less talented have long since passed.

Many independent authors nowadays, who prefer to call themselves “indie authors,” are quite creative and should be exposed to more people. Our team is willing to support any such worthy initiative. And in this competitive world of online book promotions, we appreciate well-written works. It is for this reason that we developed our book promotion services simply.

So if you are an author, be it general or indie, with a new book out and are willing to promote your book, our new interview and book review services might allow you to reach a wider audience. Interviewing you about your book and writing a review that will be posted on our website are both options available to you from our team of skilled content developers. Through our social media channels, we can help you in connecting with potential readers and promote your book.